Why LED display is not energy-saving?

In fact, the LED display luminescent material itself is energy-saving, but sometimes the LED screen is usually used in larger areas and needs the big led screen for advertising, So the overall power consumption is still relatively large. Second, another ubiquitous problem is that the outdoor LED display is with high brightness, and a considerable part of the electrical energy is not converted into light energy but becomes heat, and also part of the converted light energy is not fully utilized but aggravated the light pollution. Therefore, the demand for energy-saving and emission reduction LED display is rapidly spreading in the industry and gettings the Positive response from more companies in the industry.

How can the led display be energy-saving?

we can consider the following four points according to product design:

1. LED display effect: Reducing the brightness and power consumption by increasing the contrast; adjust the chromaticity and color day and night, that is, will adjust led screen brightness according to day/ night working environment.

2. Power supply: The energy-saving led display using high-efficiency switching power supply with PFC and synchronous rectification circuit design. Improve the power factor and reduce thermal energy consumption to improve the witching power supply energy conversion efficiency. This switching power supply energy conversion efficiency is as high as more than 86%, and the energy efficiency is at least over 10% relative to the common one.

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3. circuit design: Efficient LED driver circuit design: energy-saving LED display pixel drive circuit, of the design powered by red, green, and blue led chips. respectively, also with low-voltage energy-saving drive ICs (3.8V power supply).Energy-saving circuits more energy-efficient 15% than the traditional circuits!

Red: 2.8V
Green: 3.8 V
Blue: 3.8V

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4.The light source: adjusted the led chips viewing angle, improve the led chips luminous efficiency, and selecting high luminous intensity led chips can effectively save energy, for example, if the led display work with the same brightness, and 20% increase in the nominal brightness of red, green and blue LEDs. the led display’s power consumption will be reduced by more than 15%.

The DIP led chips, normally, one end of the bracket has a “cup shape” Structure, the LED chip is fixed in the “cup-shaped” structure, Then encapsulation. first, Potting the LED Liquid Epoxy Resins into the led cavity, then Insert-welded Leaded LED Brackets into the high-temperature oven to allow the led epoxy to cure, then from the mold cavity In the LED out of the formation, then that’s LED products.

DIP led chip :
1. excellent heat dissipation: stable, low light decay, long life
2. Small viewing angle,spotlight: high brightness and energy saving

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Super energy-saving DIP LED display power consumption is lower than 80W/M2, saving electricity and reducing operating costs;

Self-design, high brightness, ultra-low power consumption, strong stability;

cabinet design with good cooling function, reduce the investment in cooling equipment;

Reduce led display power consumption and the investment in cables etc.

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