The LED display is mainly composed of an LED module, power supply, cabinet, and control system.
We will introduce in this article, LED module, power supply, and case part.

1. LED Module

  • It is one of the main components that make up the finished LED display.
  • The main components: LED lamp, PCB circuit board, driver IC, resistor, capacitor, and plastic kit.
LED display module components

LED display module part

For those who want to learn about the components of LED displays

LED display lamp

2. Power supply (switching power supply)

1. Definition: also known as switching power supply, is a high-frequency energy installation device, by changing the switching time ratio of the switching tube to maintain a stable voltage output of a power supply.

2. Classification: DC type switching power supply, AC type switching power supply (LED screen is mainly used)

3. Characteristics.

1) low power consumption (its own losses), high efficiency;

2) a wide range of voltage regulation (wide voltage input);

3) small size, lightweight

For different brands, different models of switching power supply, the effective utilization of electrical energy is very different.

The main way to improve the effective utilization of electrical energy is to use the PFC circuit, that is, the switching power supply with PFC function.

3. LED Display Cabinet

1. Die-casting aluminum LED display cabinet: casting is a process of metal smelting and processing, usually using the gravity of the metal in the mold for casting.

But “aluminum die-casting” is not done by gravity, but to apply a certain pressure. It is somewhat similar to “injection molding”.

However, it has a more technical system of core extraction and cooling.

In general, the material is delivered to the cavity to be cast through a centralized inlet to form the part.

Features: High dimensional accuracy, surface finish, high strength and hardness, and good heat dissipation.
Some metal sheets are stamped by grinding tools to produce plastic deformation to form the ideal shape and size we want.

Die-Casting Alu LED display cabinet

2. Sheet metal.
Features: lightweight, high strength, low cost, mass production, electromagnetic shielding

3. Aluminum sheet: is made of pure aluminum or aluminum alloy material through pressure processing (shearing or sawing) to obtain a cross-sectional.

Features: good heat dissipation, high strength, good usability, and strong corrosion resistance.

Brushed aluminum: repeatedly polished with sandpaper, so that the metal matte in a fine hair luster

4. Profile: It is an object with a certain geometric shape made of iron or steel and materials with a certain strength and toughness (such as plastic, aluminum, fiberglass, etc.) through the process of rolling, extrusion, casting, etc.

Features: simple production process, saving time, high production accuracy, no welding, no deformation phenomenon, gorgeous appearance.

We will introduce the LED display control system in the next article.






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