Large LED display, like traditional electronic products, not only need to pay attention to the use of the process but also need to maintain the screen, in order to make LED display life longer. Now let’s take a look at one of the following:

1. Switching screen precautions

1) Turn on the screen: First Turn on the control computer to enable it to work properly before turning on the large LED display screen;2) Turn off the screen: First, turn off the LED screen power, turn off the control software, and then properly turn off the computer;

2) If the computer is turned off first and the display screen is not turned off, it will cause a bright spot on the screen and burn out the lamp tube, with serious consequences

3) Switch screen time interval greater than 5 minutes;

4) Avoid opening the screen in a full white screen state, as this is the maximum power state, which has the greatest impact current on the entire distribution system.

2. Points to note for power supply

1) LED module for DC + 5V power supply (working voltage: 4.2 ~ 5.2 v), prohibit the use of AC power supply;

The power terminal positive and negative pole is forbidden to be connected back

(Note: Once the power terminal positive and negative polarity connection will burn out the product or even cause a serious fire) ;

2) LED display power supply voltage: 110V/220V ± 10%

FREQUENCY: 50hz ± 5% ;

3) The ground contact is safe and reliable, the ground wire and the zero wire are isolated and reliable, the access power source is far from the high-power standby;

4) If short circuit, trip, burn wire, smoke and other abnormal appear, should not be repeated power test, should promptly find the problem

5) Keep the power supply stable, and do a good job of grounding protection to avoid lightning stroke, in bad natural conditions, especially strong lightning weather do not use;

6) The power supply to the big screen must be supplied step by step because the maximum power of the whole screen will have an impact on the whole power distribution system;

7) The LED display is not allowed to broadcast the highest brightness of all-white screen more than half an hour, in order to avoid causing excessive current, power line heating, LED lamp damage, affect the life of the display screen, suggested to play dynamic video primarily;

8) LED display products in the use process, can not be continuously on, off the power, the two operators should be separated by at least 1 minute;

9) LED display screen large screen internal wiring, non-professionals do not touch, lest electric shock, or cause line damage.


1) Regular cleaning and maintenance: LED display screen used for a long time, the screen will accumulate more dust and traces of rain erosion, which needs regular and timely cleaning to prevent viewing effect;

2) When cleaning the surface of the LED module, please use a soft brush and brush gently. Do not use any liquid to clean the surface of the LED module, otherwise, the LED light bead may be damaged;

3) Correct wipe: the surface of the large LED display screen can be wiped with alcohol, or use a brush, vacuum cleaner for dust removal, can not be directly wiped with a wet cloth.

4. Moisture resistance and storage requirements

1) Storage temperature requirement: ambient temperature-40 ° C ≤ T ≤60 ° C, LED products should be stored in Temperature & LT; 30 °C & Lt; Humidity & Lt; 60% environment after the package is opened;

2) Avoid insect bites according to the environment of the display body and the control part, and place rat poison when necessary;

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Led large screen should regularly check whether the normal work, line damage to timely repair or replacement. Main control computer and other related equipment, should be placed in the air-conditioning, dust room, to ensure that the computer ventilation and heat dissipation and stable work. Non-professionals should not touch the internal circuit of the screen to avoid electric shock or damage to the circuit. If there is any problem, it should be checked by professionals.

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